2012 Survival Tips – How to Put Together a Great First Aid Kit

 2012 Survival Tips – How to Put Together a Great First Aid Kit


You may be looking for information on first aid. A first aid kit is simply a compilation of special equipments and supplies that is used in giving first aid. There may be a broad distinction in the first aid kits content based wall mounted first aid box on the experience and knowledge for putting it together. The first aid kit’s international standard is that these can be acknowledged with the graphical symbol provided by ISO for the first aid (from ISO 7010) that includes an equivalent white cross made on a green background.

The first aid kits can be identified in nearly any kind of container, and this depends on whether these can be assembled or commercially produced by any person. The Standard kits are often available in the durable, fabric pouches, plastic boxes or in those cabinets that are wall mounted. The container type will differ depending on the purpose and also these range in size from the wallet sized through to the large rucksacks. It has also been recommended that all the kits should be in a water proof, clean container for keeping the contents aseptic and safe. Kits should also be restocked and checked regularly.

There should also be regular checking and restocking if any of the items has been expired or damaged out of date. In fact, a standard has been set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for the first aid kits that are green, with a white cross for making them easily recognizable to anyone that require the first aid. The other thing includes about contents of the first aid kit. Some of the important contents of the first aid kit include standard strength pain medication, adhesive bandages, low rating disinfectant and gauze.

Also, you can get more and more information on the first aid kit with the help of internet. The main focus of the kits also involves the cases of bleeding, bone fractures, burns besides the items like dressings and the bandages that are usually found in the immense bulk of all kits. The adhesive bandages (sticking plasters, band-aids)-can be included for specific body parts like the knuckles. The other products that can be kept in the first aid kits include the following:

(a) For blister prevention and treatment -Moleskin



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