3 Things That Must Happen If the Housing Market is to Turn Around

 3 Things That Must Happen If the Housing Market is to Turn Around


There has been a lot of talk from Washington and Wall Street about the continuing housing slump and foreclosure problems. The lament is about how to get the https://wszystkodobudowydomu.pl/  foreclosure rates down and housing moving again. Some say the $ 8,000.00 first time home buyers credit was a bust. But consider this: every house that was sold with the $ 8,000.00 credit was a success because someone just became a homeowner for the first time. Realtors, closing agents, home inspectors, lenders and a host of other people collected a pay check for that one sale. Washington keeps saying that banks must make funds available to lend. Banks say they are doing just that, and point to all the houses that are reported as sold from the National Association of Realtors and other data collecting agencies. While it’s technically true that there are loans being made, there are not enough to make the impact needed in the market to really get it moving in the right direction. So here is what I feel what must happen if this market is to get moving for real.

1) Congress and the President, as well as the private sector, must stop talking about creating jobs and actually work together to create them. Just as important, they must keep jobs from going elsewhere. Don’t worry I’m not going to get political on you. I’ll leave that to people who have nothing else to amuse them. American business has to start looking at the long term business plans not just the next quarter. (Wall Street created this monster) The CEO’s can only care about the next quarter earnings and being a Wall Street favorite. So they sacrifice quality and service, looking for the cheapest labor they can find and cutting corners. This way they hit their numbers, Wall Street is happy, the CEO is considered a genius and the cycle starts all over again. But what really happens is every time people here are laid off, and the jobs are outsourced to a country with fewer regulations and lower wages, it limits the number of people who can afford their product here. It’s a vicious circle. Now our leaders in Washington have to take as much blame for this as the CEO’s because they make it hard to do business in America. They have so many overlapping regulations and laws it’s impossible to keep track of them. Hiring regulations and tax laws change all the time and each government agency has its own set of requirements. It’s hard to plan your future if the rules changes daily. Fear of lawsuits is a big and costly issue. Employee and consumer safety must be prime considerations, but frivolous and outright stupid lawsuits must be stopped.

I know the Government and Private sector can work together to solve this and many more issues. The economy will not get better if people don’t have jobs or feel their job is next to be eliminated. Spending will not increase as these people will either not have the income, or will hold on to what they do have, just in case.

2) Banks and other agencies must give us a true picture on the actual number of homes that have been foreclosed on and that are behind on payments. The number of homes that are reported and the numbers of homes that are on the market are not even close. Conventional wisdom says that there is a big ‘shadow inventory’ out there that nobody wants to talk about. This is flat out wrong. But until people have a clear picture of the problem how do we know how to fix it? And Government alone is not capable of changing this perception. Until this is revealed people will not feel comfortable making any decisions and will take a wait- and-see approach.



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