7 Key Benefits of Leadership Coaching

 7 Key Benefits of Leadership Coaching


In today’s extremely difficult economic environment where every organization is trying to get more out of less, the quality of leadership becomes exceptionally leadership coaching  important. Change is the norm. Organizations are selling, merging, downsizing and right sizing creating what seems to be an endless state of chaos and one that if not managed correctly, can spell doom for the company. This challenge, this requirement to have strong management during times of change is the principal reason organizations are investing in leadership coaching programs. Getting the best performance possible out of senior leadership is a solid investment in a company’s financial future.

  1. Improve “Change Management”

Studies show that 70% of businesses who go through a downsizing don’t realize any economic gain for over a year because of the almost immediate drop in productivity that the downsizing causes. Leaders charged with the transition of a downsizing can benefit from coaching and learn what they must do to avoid the common problems of low morale and serious slips in productivity. A coach can help explain the challenges and how the leaders abilities can best be used for a successful transition.

  1. Keep “Rainmakers” motivated

There are always that group of highly talented people that key to a businesses operation. They sell more, they motivate better, they are geniuses in finance and you don’t want to lose them. Getting that group coaching accomplishes two things. It demonstrates to the individual that the organization values their service and prevents brain drain. Secondly, high achievers are always looking for a way to sharpen their edge and coaching satisfies that need.

  1. Assist new executives




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