All About Lenovo Batteries

All About Lenovo Batteries



With each passing day laptops from Acer, HP, Dell and Lenovo are becoming slimmer and faster. They are wider than the previous line of computer notebooks, measuring around 11 to 12 inch. They are very powerful and offer better CPU and graphics performance. In most cases their battery life is as good as, if not better, than the Intel Atom powered notebook. These new units require high performing batteries as well.

The battery of the Lenovo Idea Pad U150, which boasts of a dual core Intel Celetron SU2300 processor, gives a run time of four to five hours. Even while surfing on the net through Wi-Fi and using the Bluetooth the power cell would run for almost five hours. It has also been tested that these computer notebooks can squeeze out more than four hours from the battery while playing a 720p video on full-screen. Some of the other Lenovo batteries are as follows:

IBM 3000 C100: This is battery that comprises eight cells and is designed for IBM. It is compatible with the Lenovo ThinkPad and 3000 C100 notebooks.

C200 Series: This unit consists of six cells of Lithium-Ion. It has a run time of up to 4.5 hours. It is compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad models.

N200 Series: These are nine cell batteries which extend up to a width of 15 inches. Its standard run time varies with its maintenance and ranges from 3.9-6.0 hours.

V100/V200 Series: These batteries consist of six lithium-ion cells which give high performance. It boasts of a run time of up to five hours.

Lenovo has always worked towards customer satisfaction and safety. Hence, time and again they have gone through battery recall programs whenever some problems with these were found. This year the company had recalledbatteries from some of the Thinkpad laptop models. This is so because these units erroneously displayed a system error message. Some of these messages said “battery cannot be charged”, while others said “irreparable damage”. The problem was prevalent with the T60, T61, R60, R61, X60 and X6 models.


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