Arizona DUI Lawyers

 Arizona DUI Lawyers


Arizona DUI lawyers can greatly reduce the stress and pain associated with a DUI offense. They’ll be able to defend both misdemeanor and felony charges within the state DUI lawyer GA  depending on the severity of the offense. So never ‘assume’ that your case is hopeless.

Arizona DUI Law

Misdemeanor Arizona DUI:

  • Arizona DUI statute 28-1381 : Driving or what’s referred to as APC, which stands for Actual Physical Control, while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs even to the slightest degree. This means that even if your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit you can still be charged.

Felony Arizona DUI:

  • Arizona DUI statute 28-1383 : Aggravated driving or APC, Actual Physical Control while being under the influence. The key term here is ‘aggravated’ which means that there is some sort of circumstance that makes the Arizona DUI crime more severe than a misdemeanor. Possibilities include; 3rd or more offense, within 7 years, DUI while driving on a restricted/revoked drivers license, or with a child in the vehicle.

Arizona DUI lawyers will also fight to defend you from the Arizona “per se” law, which states that the AZ MVD will take administrative action against your driving privileges in a separate hearing (from the criminal charges). This is stated on the paperwork the police officer gave you at the time of arrest (which should be pink and yellow copies) titled, ‘Administrative Per Se – Implied Consent Affidavit.’ This piece of paper informs you of several key actions and your responsibilities.



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