Baroda – A City of Palaces

 Baroda – A City of Palaces


Baroda is a medium-sized cultural capital of Gujarat in India. It is situated along the banks of the Vishwamitri River. It now goes under a new name, Vadodara, which means “the city of Banyan trees.” It is a small town called Antottaka in the 19th century.

Mughals came to the territory.  palace303 Gaekwads ruled the place in the year 1949. Sir Sayajirao, a popular king developed Vadodara. The old ruling dynasties of the great rulers still have a big and lasting impact on the city to this day. In fact, a number of brilliant palaces are still standing in the region, attracting people of all ages year round. It has more importantly attracted thousands of visitors from around the world.

Here are the series of palaces constructed under Gaekwad dynasty.

Laxmi Villas Palace
Laxmi Villas was constructed during 1878 to 1890 by Maharaya Sayaji Rao III. It is one of the popular monuments and the grandest palaces in Vadorada. It serves as the royal residence in the heart of the city. It was designed by the British architect Major Mant and Chisolm. An Indo-Sarcenic architectural style was used for the entire structure of the palace. It was graced with mosaic marbles, fine stones and furnishings. There are even collections of bronze sculptures, relics, armory, terracotta and other antiques.

The main rooms and other areas of its 700 square miles of space are open for tourists from Mondays to Fridays (3 to 5 in the afternoon). The very large garden of flowers and trees is deemed as one of the beautiful parts of the palace. The palace also includes an art work museum, a big lake with a number of crocodiles and a zoo.

The palace is technically advanced with regard to modern amenities. Elevators and other interiors have made Laxmi Villas the grandest palace in Baroda.



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