Collecting Civil War Relics

 Collecting Civil War Relics


The Civil War still holds a great deal of fascination for many people in America. Some family members fought on opposite sides to uphold their beliefs. Because of search antiques  the continuing fascination with this war, collecting relics from that period has become a popular hobby. From 1861 to 1865, the Civil War was fought on more than 390 battlefields.

During the Civil War, there were more than 1,000 different types of bullets used. The most common bullet used was the.58 caliber bullet. Civil War bullet collecting has become a popular hobby in the metal detecting community. The internet is another place to get relics. I would suggest you buy a good price guide first.

Belt buckles and buttons from uniforms are other items the relic hunter might find. Some belt buckles in great shape have been sold for several thousand dollars. Some lucky hunters have been able to find quite a few buckles. However, most hunters like to keep their finds to display. Other items you may find include, camping gear, utensils and other projectiles.

Reasearch is probably the most important part of being able to locate relics. You need to know the troop movements in the area you are interested in. This can be done by studying old maps of the area. There are many Civil War maps online. They will show the movement of each side’s army. Look at a map of the same area today. Another way to research is using books. There are tons of books on this subject. Also, check your local library. You should be able to find lots of historic info about your area.



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