Does Free Credit Card Processing Exist

 Does Free Credit Card Processing Exist


Many 3rd party credit card companies boast about providing merchants with free credit card processing services. Tempting merchants with a free credit card processing service, they brag about accepting credit cards online on behalf of the merchant claim free kredit  s, with low processing fees, extra costs etc.

What the Free Credit Card Companies boast about

Many 3rd party processing companies say that they would provide merchants with:

* Least expensive ways to sell products online

* Easy way to earn profits

* Free credit card processing services without a merchant account

* Free credit card processing terminal

* Real-time acceptance of credit cards online

* Offering too-good-to-be-true referral programs

* Recurring billing and lofty affiliate management programs.

Free Credit Card Processing – Long Term Benefits?

Free credit card processing might help businessmen promote their website and products for a while, especially if they are only just starting up, but there are no real long term benefits. Merchants initially don’t have to pay for secure servers, monthly gateway fees, credit card processing fees etc. However, the transaction charges are usually so high that merchants end up paying more than the average rate.

Setbacks of Free Credit Card Processing

There are many free credit card processing service providers who claim to give away free services. However, as always there is a catch! There will be payment processing charges such as merchant account regist




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