Drawing a Webtoon-style comic

Drawing a Webtoon-style comic

Even if you would like to draw a comic in this style, you may find it difficult to express the action in a vertical format and in color. However, if you have experience drawing, you will find that there is a lot of freedom when it comes to expressions, especially when compared to the usual manga or comic format.

If you are used to drawing illustrations, this might be a great challenge for you!


Below you will find a number of tips and tricks when drawing a Webtoon-style comic in


Creating a vertical document

The recommended size for a vertical manuscript varies depending on the website you plan to upload your comic.

The width is usually based on a size that 무료웹툰 미리보기 fits the general screen resolution of smartphones.

The height of a document usually only depends on the limitations of the website.



Width: 690px

Height: 7000px

Note: Based on the size specified by comico.jp.




In Clip Studio Paint, you can find settings for Webtoon-style comics in the presets.

In the [New] dialog box, select [Webtoon] from [Use of work] to show settings for creating a webtoon canvas.

Select the most suitable canvas from [Preset] for the site you will post to.

The size of the canvas will vary depending on the site. If you don’t find the right setting in [Preset], you can freely set the canvas from [Width] and [Height] below.




Checking the viewable area for smartphones

For vertical scrolling comics such as webtoons, adjusting the spacing of images and dialogue to fit the visible on-screen area of a smartphone can help readers read your work more effectively.

Clip Studio Paint has a [On-screen area (webtoon)] function that allows you to preview and check how the image will look on a smartphone.




Turn on [View] menu > [On-screen area (webtoon)] to check how any part of a canvas looks on a smartphone screen.

Use it for every stage of your work from sketch to finishing details.


Splitting and exporting your work

While files on Webtoon are displayed in the long, vertical scrolling format, each file for upload is limited to a maximum height of 1280px. The uploaded files are then displayed one after the other.

However, creating a longer, vertical canvas enables you to check the overall composition and flow of the story. Cutting the canvas into the appropriate size for the upload afterwards helps you to keep an overview of the story.

Clip Studio Paint allows you to export your work into sections with a specified length.

These settings can be changed from [File] menu > [Export webtoon].

Cut the original long canvas into smaller images that are at most 1280px in height and save each file separately.





Using multiple windows to display the canvas

With such a long canvas, it is difficult to check the entire canvas when zoomed in for drawing.

If you use multiple windows in Clip Studio Paint to display the same file, you can view the canvas as a whole while also working on specific parts.




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