G&G GR16 Review – Taking a Detailed Look at the G&G GR16 M4 Airsoft Gun




With regards to an airsoft M4 rifle there are numerous decisions accessible. One of the genuine champions in this group is the G&G GR16. Underneath you will observe a fast G&G GR16 audit that will assist you with figuring out what makes this weapon so fantastic!


Fabricate Quality


Probably the greatest element of this firearm is the development. The GR16 is produced using magnesium which is both extremely amazing and light weight and the stock,pistol hold and for grasp is produced using exceptionally thick nylon fiber. The weapon is constructed exceptionally close and shows up around 7 lbs dumped.


Shooting Performance


Taking everything into account this  38 super ammo for sale will shot a.2 gram BB close to 350 FPS with the jump up changed. You can expect a cycle rate something to the tune of 12-14 rounds each subsequent while terminating in completely programmed mode with a 8.4 volt battery pack. Expect great exactness out to around 120-135 ft.




The built up metal gearbox in this weapon has all steel gears with 8mm direction all through. The entire framework is driven by a high force engine that has no issues throwing BB’s down range or at the rival group! That’s what one speedy note is if you have any desire to run new LiPo battery innovation you want to introduce a MOSFET regulator as the stock contact won’t deal with it.


Extra Features


The G&G GR16 has numerous extra highlights that pursue it an extraordinary decision and these incorporate the accompanying


Completely Adjustable Metal Front and Rear Sites

Removable Carrying Handle

One Piece Metal Tight Bore Barrel

450 Round Detachable Magazine

Huge Battery Compartment in The Stock

Solid Metal Sling Swivels

Out the case this item offers all that you should be a serious player. It has extraordinary precision, high pace of fire, enormous ammunition limit and is worked to get through the afflictions of fight! The main thing that this unit doesn’t accompany is a battery pack and charger. So remember that assuming you are purchasing this as your first airsoft weapon.


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