Green Saving Tips & Energy Efficient Guide

 Green Saving Tips & Energy Efficient Guide



Let’s talk about this whole “green” craze. Is it me? Or did everyone turn into a tree huggin’ hippie the last 5 years? Well NO, the answer is you haven’t read the facts and if   your not part of the solution, guess what?

You’re part of the PROBLEM!

Here are some things you could do to help out the environment and do your part. Some are bigger things, some are little things, but ANYTHING will help.

– Invest in buying a hybrid car.

The fuel- efficiency on these things are off the chart! talk about saving gas, saving pollution, maintenance issues. with the money your saving on all these fuel issues, these cars will pay themselves off in 2- 3 years.

**Also, an added bonus: you get fuel efficient priority parking spaces at IKEA, and other stores. You get complimentary overnight parking at green- friendly hotels in downtown Chicago or NY, LA
(a $50- $80 savings).

– Bring re- usable bags when you go shopping.

This mainly includes grocery shopping, but department store shopping as well. Target, whole foods, etc.

These bags help the environment, but also keep your items in a sturdy carrier and less susceptible to a plastic bag breaking. With 2- 3 of these bags, you’ll save over 5,000 gallons of bags in a matter of months.

**At a lot of places, you can get these bags for free. Take advantage of that and leave them in visible your car so you never forget. They can fold up and take up absolutely no room.



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