How To Lighten Up Your Grumpy Teenager With Lively Decor

 How To Lighten Up Your Grumpy Teenager With Lively Decor


Doing anything right for a teenager is mind-boggling. The color, style, price and so on have to be right. Getting them to do it is even more difficult as favorites come and go wall décor  at astonishing rate. This is the same with décor for teenagers. At one time, the walls are full of Miley Cyrus, the next they are bare except for that meditating Indian dieting and spiritual guru on the corner.

Getting décor right for your teenage daughter will involve a mix of good taste and experimentation. One décor style that can give you enough room for experimentation is shabby chic home décor style. Featuring distressed furniture and other vintage items, this will appeal to your teenage daughter’s throwback moments.

A mini apartment

Your teenage daughter will very likely want to have a room that serves as a sleeping area, a study area and an area to hang out with visiting friends. There is a lot of pressure to be cool and have a wow effect on the friends. To fulfill all these needs some basic furniture items needed will be a good-sized bed, a study desk and if the room size allows a couch. Any of these items can be purchased new or used. With used, sanding down and adding a fresh coat of paint, then sanding a little more will give that perfect distressed look at minimal expense.

Shabby chic furniture has a wide variety of items to choose from in the distressed décor fashion. The vintage look of the items will have the friends drooling over her cool kick back sense of taste.

The colors

The room will need colors that pronounce your teenager’s feminism as well as give her room to experiment. Shabby chic décor style colors are soft pink, white and pastel. The pinks are ideal for the feminine look and can be used on the bed cloths. White walls are ideal for giving room for different wall adornments that will vary from time to time. Rugs and throw pillows are a perfect way to give the room a pop of color. With the room painted white, the options are endless to what colors she would like to add to make the pop of color. Pinks, reds, oranges, blues or purples will add the pop of color and still stay within the shabby chic – distressed look.




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