How To Measure Up For A Bra & How To Choose The Best Fitting Bra

 How To Measure Up For A Bra & How To Choose The Best Fitting Bra


It is important to accurately measure your breast size so that you can be sure to choose a bra that fits comfortably and flatters your body.
To get the best bra sizing charts

fitting bra you can take your own measurements, have a friend help you measure or you can visit a department or high street store that offer a bra fitting or measuring service. It is always recommended you wear a bra for full support of your breasts.

Follow these easy steps to get the best fitting bra:

To determine your back size (torso measurement), have someone stand at your side with a tape measure. Gently pull the tape flat against your ribcage, directly under your breast. Make sure the tape does not rise higher at the front than it does in the back. Add 5″ to the measurement. For example if the measurement is 29, add 5, so your back size will become 34. If the back size comes out in an odd number, then round up to the next even number.

To determine your cup size you need to measure around the fullest part of your bust. Have someone by your side to assist in bringing the tape measure loosely around the fullest part of the bust, ensuring the tape is not pulled too tight. Cup size is based on the difference between your back size and fullest part of the bust measurement.

Subtract your back size from your fullest part of the bust size.

Cup size is based on each inch of difference between the bust measurement and your body size. You would be a B cup if your body size is 34″ and your bust measurement is 2″ higher, or 36″. The total measurement will determine the correct bra size to purchase.

The charts below will give an indication of determining your cup and breast sizes, although bras will differ between manufacturers and styles.




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