“Innovative Prize Ideas to Skyrocket Participation in Your Next Raffle Fundraising Event”


Social media has become one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get the word out about your organization and its mission. Nonprofits have started to share everything online, from event updates to program information and success . While it is easy to share these activities online, you may feel like your efforts are pointless if you do not have enough followers. raffle fundraising Some nonprofits have found a way to find more connections online and ensure their stories are heard.


  1. Facebook Raffle

Does your organization need ideas to find more Facebook friends? Several of your current donors may have  accounts but raffle fundraising have no idea you have an account and regularly raffle fundraising information.

One way to connect with these people is simply by asking them to be your friend. Another way is to entice them and their friends and family to join your social media network and pay close attention to what you have to offer. Raffles are an excellent way to encourage more participation from your current Facebook friends and to gain new Facebook friends in the meantime.

Your nonprofit can find a suitable prize for this raffle and offer it to everyone who wants to play. Promote a campaign with a start and end date to share your nonprofit’s story online. Ticket entry is determined by either joining your organization’s Facebook account or sharing the post on their newsfeed. Create Facebook posts to go out regularly throughout the raffle, and send emails to your current donor base letting them know about your raffle fundraising account and the chance to win a prize.

This raffle may not earn you money right away, but it will introduce your organization to more people and find more ways to connect with your current donor base. You can also use this raffle to build a stronger relationship with potential community partners by promoting their goods and services raffle fundraising throughout the campaign and giving your donors the chance to win their products.


  1. Peer-to-Peer Raffle

Another way to gain more notice and raise funds online is with a  raffle campaign. Before starting this raffle, connect with a few supporters you think will participate if given enough support. Talk to them about what the campaign is raising money for and how they can spread the word online. Include a raffle prize entry for every donation that comes into their peer-to-peer campaign. You may want to choose a limited donation amount to keep the game fair.

Set an end date for the peer-to-peer campaign and raffle. Once the campaign is done and you have shared how much everyone raised for your organization, you can export all donor information to an excel sheet to total the number of tickets each fundraiser has earned. Use a random number generator to pick the winner and announce the winner with social media posts or a live stream. This donor information can be a great resource for you to reach out to new people through marketing techniques.

Pro tip: Keep and offer bonus points for those who manage to get their friends and families to follow/subscribe to your social media handles along with getting donations. Here your focus should be on meeting a long-term goal of creating a strong donor base rather than getting instant donations.


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