Installing Heat Shrink Tubes and Obtaining the Advantages

 Installing Heat Shrink Tubes and Obtaining the Advantages


In case there is a 3:1 ratio, it means that there is 1/3rd shrinkage of the tube, when compared to its original diameter. The same concept is applicable if the ratio is 2:1. There are different heat shrink butt connector ratios in which heat shrink tubes are available.

The most suitable ones are those which shrink to faintly smaller size of the cable you are applying to.

With effective tubing facilities, it is possible to extend a strong protective layer on the cables. This not only increases reliability and life extension but the performance of parts and components in different kinds of applications is improved with the same. Mentioned below are some ways in which heat shrink tubing are used:

  1. Providing insulation from chemicals and heat – It is a well-known fact that exposure to extreme and high heat and chemicals can cause significant damage to cables and wires. There are tubing, which are heat and flame resistant, and these should be used for insulating electrical systems in various places.
  2. Acts as a protective sealant – Cable splices and cables tend to gather dirt and dust. Water seepage in cables is also a common problem. With the help of good tubing, these problems can be avoided in the best possible manner. People looking for moisture and dust control for the cables in their personal computing and home theatre systems should use these tubing as much as possible.



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