Learn to Play Craps – Tips and Strategies – Craps Terms (Part 6)



In our last meeting of learning the language of craps, we should check out at those that cover the letters S to Y in

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request. Craps terms starting with different letters are characterized in my different articles.


Self-administration = Bets on the design that the player makes himself without the seller’s assistance (e.g., Pass Line, Field, Come).


Seven Out = When the shooter moves a 7 after a point has been laid out to end the game.


Shooter = The player who throws the dice.


Shooter On The Dark Side = A shooter risking everything Pass.


Single Odds = A free Odds or genuine Odds bet equivalent to the Flat Pass Line or Flat Don’t Pass bet.


Thin = equivalent to Big Red or Any Seven.


Sleeper = A bet that keeps on parlaying up on the grounds that the player has left the table.


Slow Bleed = A player losing his bankroll gradually yet consistently.


Snake Eyes = Eyeballs or experts.


Square Pair = Two four’s. A Hard 8.


Stacks = Check stacks that the sellers use to take care of winning wagers.


Stickperson = The vendor who utilizes the mop (stick) and calls the activity.


Firm = A player who doesn’t tip the sellers.


Still Up = What the seller could say to remind a player that a bet is still live.


Stroker = A player who hustles wagers at the table or makes it hard for the vendors to work the table.


Studio 54 = The number 9.


Sweat The Money = When floor individuals get anxious on the grounds that the players are winning large.


Table Sign = A notice on each side of the table characterizing the table least wagered, greatest bet, and most extreme chances permitted.


Taking Odds = Adding a genuine Odds bet on the point behind the Pass Line.


Tapping In = When a vendor falls off break and gets back to the table, he “taps” the seller that he’s supplanting.


Clean The Bowl = When the stickman adjusts the additional dice in the bowl into a flawless column.


Too Tall To Even consider calling = What the vendor could say when a bite the dust lands on top of the club’s actually take a look at stack or in the rack.


Toke = A tip for the vendor.


Towel = A player brief leaving the table (e.g., going to eat or to the restroom) may demand that a fabric be put over his checks in the rack to safeguard them until he returns. This stands firm on the player’s footing at the table and keeps another player from taking that position.


Genuine Odds = The numerically right chances of a number seeming contrasted with another number.


Tub = A little one-seller craps table typically in little club. Likewise called a smaller than expected craps table.


Turn The Dice = When the stickman flips the dice with the mop (stick) to try not to push them to the shooter with a specific number appearance.


Two-way = A bet for the player and the vendors. For instance, a $2 Two-way Hard 4 bet is a $1 Hard 4 for the player and a $1 Hard 4 for the sellers.


Vigorish = A 5% duty, or commission, the player pays the house for the honor of getting genuine chances. Likewise called a vig.


Divider = The back divider.


We Need To Feed The Chickens Not Kill Them = What the stickman could say in the event that the shooter tosses the dice excessively hard.


Weaki = A roll that doesn’t hit the back divider (Hawaiian).


Whip = The mop (stick).


Spin = A bet in products of $5 that the following roll will be a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. For each $5 bet, $1 is placed on every one of the five numbers. Additionally called a World bet.


Working = A player’s wagered is on, live, or in play.


World = A Whirl bet.


Wrong Bettor = A player who wagers against the dice (i.e., that the shooter will move a 7 preceding the point number). A Don’t Pass bettor.


Yellow = A $1,000 check.


Yellow Light = When sellers ought to be cautious about hustling tips since floor individuals might watch.


Yo = The number 11.


Yo-leven = The number 11. Same as Yo. The stickman says “yo” to recognize “eleven” from “seven” so the players don’t misread the stickman’s call.


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