LED Line Lights – The Ideal Source of Linescan Illumination?

 LED Line Lights – The Ideal Source of Linescan Illumination?


Linescan technology offers an accurate method of inspecting a wide variety of surfaces and products in the smallest amount of time possible. However not all linescan  high power led street light

products have been developed equal and some will work faster, more accurately and more reliably than others. These are all qualities highly valued and are worth optimizing with the devices you use. Unfortunately traditional light sources for linescan devices do not optimize these qualities.

There are many factors to take into consideration when evaluating the effectiveness of a piece of linescan technology but the most important is the form of light utilized in the scanner. Traditional pieces of linescan utilize either halogen or fluorescent light sources. While these light sources are technically able to perform the tasks given to them they do not represent the ideal illumination method for this type of technology.

LED Lights and Linsecan Illumination
LED lights are quickly rising to dominance in the linescan technology world, outperforming both halogen and fluorescent based technologies. At a very base level LED line lights offer many benefits over other forms of illumination no matter their application. LED line lights offer a superior lifespan compared to halogen and fluorescent bulbs, they provide a superior range of light wavelengths, the composition and intensity of their illumination is controllable to a very precise degree and they are far more reliable than any other illumination source. LED lights respond perfectly no matter the environmental conditions you subject them to and their light will remain constant even when they are subjected to direct physical instability like getting jostled or knocked aroun



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