Link Building After Google Penguin

 Link Building After Google Penguin


A recovery is actually possible. Some sites were able to remove their penalty, but it was not an easy thing. In doing “clean link building”, first and foremost, you should be uitbesteden linkbuilding  exactly thorough. You need to check every domain that links to you and decide if it’s good or bad. If it’s bad, then immediately request for its removal.

Secondly, staying mad at Google won’t help and get you anywhere so just keep your focus on your business. Do all of the very best that you can to understand what it is that you need to do and start doing it.

Lastly, you should really be strict. Being a harsh aggressor will help you cut to the chase so you can save your time and Google’s and then move on. If in doubt if a link is really a good link, do not try to find any justification for it because a good link doesn’t need one. A good link builder knows that. So just get back to the point and just focus on building or rebuilding your business as soon as possible.

I’ve said that recovery is not an easy thing. Approximately, project settings involving more than a million links and 7,000 linking domains take 600 hours of work or more – that’s 75 days – almost three months. However, you can scale up the effort and cut down the time and cost with outsource link building wherein multiple people are trained to reorganize the signs of a bad link. This can considerably push the work through in a reasonable amount of time.



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