Mafia Wars is rapidly turning into the most famous game on Facebook. To succeed, you want to have however much information about the game that you can get. Numerous players have barely any familiarity with the “protectors” that you can get, and why they are a not kidding resource for any genuine, significant level players.

Most importantly, guardians raise your protection level a great deal. On the off chance that you’re a general player, you likely definitely know the significance of having a high safeguard rating. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea, a high guard rating implies you can endure potential assaults from different players. You additionally need guardians to help you in the general vip bodyguards missions, so you will really require them to keep advancing in Mafia Wars.

So how would you get them? There are multiple ways, however we’ll discuss the 3 most normal ones. Initially, you can land guardians by doing positions, and you will get them as an award. You can likewise get them as gifts from different individuals from the game. To this end it is useful to have a Mafia with undeniable level players, yet with lower levels than you are so you will get these gifts. In conclusion, you can get guardians by battling different players, and assuming you rout them you can get their protectors!

This simply starts to expose what’s underneath concerning mafia wars guardians. There are a few genuinely complex methodologies that include the utilization of protectors to exploit the game. Knowing how to utilize your protectors shrewdly will give your game a totally different edge against your kindred players.

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