Michigan State Women Finish 1-2-3 to Win the Colonial Inter-Regional Championship

 Michigan State Women Finish 1-2-3 to Win the Colonial Inter-Regional Championship


Both of Michigan State’s ladies and men crosscountry sprinters reported themselves big time Saturday (9-27-08) as the ladies utilized a 1-2-3 completion to catch the Colonial Inter-Regional ladies’ title at the College of William Inter Miami Jersey Away and Mary in Williamsburg (VA), and the men were sprinter up in their challenge.


Lisa Senakiewich was first, Nicole Bush was second and Sarah Price was third, all are seniors and were likewise the main 3 sprinters to break 22 minutes in the 6K race (3.72 miles). Senakiewich timed 21:03.1 followed by Bush in 21:08.2 and Price 21:31.8. For Senakiewich, winning was twofold sweet as the triumph addressed her first profession crosscountry title.


The success was triple sweet as the Spartans last two scorers were the two rookies Carlie Green was fifth in 22:06 and Tiffany Abrahamian was eighth in 22:20. The 1-2-3-5-8 completion gave MSU 19 focuses to have William and Mary’s runner up wrap up with 42 places. In crosscountry, the low group score wins.


To feature Michigan State’s profundity on the ladies’ side, sophomore Emily MacLeod was ninth in 22:22.4 and senior Laura Portis was tenth in 22:22.7.


The Spartans accentuate group running rather than individual achievement, and it shows. First year recruit Rebekah Smeltzer was eleventh, junior Ashley Casavant fifteenth, junior Leah Elenbaas sixteenth, and sophomore Becky McCormack 28th.


On the off chance that Michigan State’s second 5 ladies sprinters were a group they would have completed 9-10-11-15-16 with 61, really great for a third spot group finish in front of John Hopkins University (102 focuses), LaSalle University (114), Saint Joseph’s (120), Hampton University (217), Norfolk State (221), Howard University (223) and Longwood (227). That is noteworthy!


There is a motivation behind why the Michigan State ladies are positioned No. 8 broadly in the pre-season survey by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross-Country Coaches Association. Presently you know.


Sophomore Spencer Beatty drove the Spartan men by completing fifth in 25:10.7 for the 8K race (4.96 miles).


Like the group running of the ladies, MSU took eighth through twelfth spots with rookie Joe Dimambro eighth (25:18.0), junior Max Goldak ninth (25:18.8), junior Shane Knoll tenth (25:24.4), senior Adam Sprangel eleventh (25:25.8) and sophomore Pat Grosskopf twelfth (25:28.9). The 5-7-8-9-10 completion was great for 39 focuses to William and Mary’s 32.


The profundity on the men’s side included junior Dan Lewis eighteenth, sophomore Mike Quick nineteenth, green bean Aaron Simoneau 24th and first year recruit Isaiah Van Doorne 32nd.


In the event that Michigan State’s second 5 men sprinters were a group they would have completed 11-12-18-19-24 with 84, really great for a fourth spot group finish behind Tennessee at third (71) and in front of LaSalle University (99), John Hopkins University (151), Longwood (194), Howard University (231) and Hampton University (230).

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