Nail Guns, Types – And How to Use Them Properly and Safely

 Nail Guns, Types – And How to Use Them Properly and Safely


We have come a long way since the days when man toiled long and hard under the beating sun with only simple hand tools such as a hammer and chisel as his companion .38 special ammo . Carpentry and woodworking used to require considerably more skill in days gone by, before the invention of modern electronic tools. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still no walk in the park, but in comparison, we can do a lot more with less knowledge and in significantly less time.

One of the biggest leaps we have made in terms of speed is the invention and production of pneumatic, or air tools. Nowadays, with the help of a good air compressor and a few choice air tools, house building and even furniture making has become significantly less time-consuming. Prices are also affordable to where DIYers and hobbyists often have their own collection.

However, as the name may or should suggest (nail gun), there are certain safety rules and tips people should know before attempting to use these awesome tools. Even with all the safety features built into these tools, pneumatic nailers remain the number one cause of power tool related injuries where patients get sent to the ER. In fact, about 37,000 people are admitted to the ER per year in the US alone! Scary stuff huh?

Although there are many kinds of air tools, we’ll be sticking to air nailers in this article due to it being not only the most commonly used, but also the tool that is responsible for the more serious injuries. There are many different kinds of air nailers as well as staplers and tackers, but the one thing they have in common is that they all fire some sort of projectile, making it extremely dangerous if not used safely.

Air nailers have the ability to fire nails quickly and repeatedly, enabling carpenters and house-builders to fire thousands of nails in a day. Imagine trying to do all that with a hammer! Everything from stud framing to roofing to exterior plywood sheathing can be fastened using air nailers, making it possible to put houses up very quickly.



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