Nail Salon Web Design Tips

 Nail Salon Web Design Tips


Growing up as a child in suburban New Jersey, I don’t remember seeing any nail salons along the local roads and highways. My mother never mentioned having to go to a n nail salon coloine ny ail salon; when she had someplace special to go it was to her regular beautician, who would soak her fingers, remove her cuticles and polish her nails. How do I know this? Well…I was often dragged along with her to many a boring appointment. On occasion, I was bribed with the promise of a toy purchase, afterward.

There is Big Money in Long Fingernails

Today, professional nail care is a huge business. U.S. census data place the nail salon and spa service industry at over $35 billion annually. That figure doesn’t include the retail sale of related professional beauty products, which at least accounts for another $7 billion annually.

According to “Nails” magazine, following an industry slump immediately after 9/11, the nail salon industry began growing rapidly again in 2002. By that year there were already more than 368,000 licensed nail technicians in the United States and over 51,000 licensed salons offering nail services to women and men. Today, there are at least 500,000 nail technicians in the United States and Canada alone.

Those who set up shop in the nail salon industry can expect to earn $35,000 in the first year of the business. However, those located in a high-traffic spots can expect to earn up to a six-figure income.

Do More than Just “Scratch” the Surface of Successful Marketing

So what ensures your success as a nail salon operator? Ultimately, it is one’s ability to provide excellent services and create high levels of customer satisfaction. Having a good location may even be more critical, though. A high traffic location with good visibility will superbly position you to expose your business to many more new customers.

Please keep in mind that even the best “brick and mortar” location supported by some print ads is only a small part of your overall marketing effort. A quality web presence is also necessary to help with some of the heavy lifting when it comes to gaining significant consumer exposure.

Your website is your 24/7 storefront. It can help you make more sales, generate additional business leads, and display your talent to a much larger audience than you could ever imagine. When customers are looking for a new nail salon close to home, they will probably not find you by searching for your business name. They may not know it yet. But they will almost certainly “Google” you by your business type (nail salon) and location (your town). A search will most likely bring them to your website.

While others are searching for you, you and your business will be seeking a target audience of nail care consumers. Chances are they will be women and men, who live nearby or work reasonably close to your nail salon. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important if you want to be quickly and easily found among your local competitors. It makes very good business sense to place   in the competent hands of skilled professionals, who possess this special knowledge and keep up with it.



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