Napa Valley Style – Follow Your Passion and Create a Memorable Napa Valley Style Experience

 Napa Valley Style – Follow Your Passion and Create a Memorable Napa Valley Style Experience


Both wine neophytes and connoisseurs love to experience Napa Valley-style wine tours. The tours and tastings expeditions can be highly structured or free and easy. In  wix 24003 addition to the 400-plus vineyards, Napa Valley abound with other opportunities for passionate enthusiasts.

  1. Explore your passion for Napa Valley-style cuisine

Whether you are an avid home cook or a food enthusiast, indulge in a gourmet culinary vacation. Learn to cook in authentic wine country style and discover Napa through its food. Enjoy private or group classes that range from an one hour to a series of classes. Participate in private tastings and learn to select the perfect wines for your scrumptious meals.

  1. Explore your passion for the Arts and Theatre

Visit local galleries, participate in a murder-mystery dinner theatre, take in a musical or enjoy a play at one of Napas’ world-class theatres. If you would prefer to be a participant instead of a spectator, take a class or workshop. Find art workshops and dance classes in the online Napa Yellow Pages.

  1. Experience the passion of the Serengeti (of Sonoma)

In the heart of wine country lies a wildlife sanctuary. Safari West is home to oryx, giraffe, gazelle, zebra, antelopes, wildebeest and over 400 other mammals and birds. The three hour jeep tour is a fun adventure for both children and adults. If you are a Bird Watcher, January to March offer prime opportunities for birdwatching in the Napa Valley and surrounding area. In the off-peak season, you will find an infinitely more memorable experience at the wineries and restaurants.

  1. For the outdoor adventure buff



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