Product Reviews For Your Network Marketing Business

 Product Reviews For Your Network Marketing Business


Product reviews are a wonderful way to build awareness for the product you have for sale in your network marketing business.

If you have customers, best clothing stores

you have people who can write product reviews for you. If you have downline members, they also can write product reviews for you.

These reviews should be honest as to why someone loves the product and how they use it. For example, if you sell green widgets, ask a customer to write not only why they buy the widgets for themselves and their loved ones but also ask them to offer one tip on how they use the widget.

These reviews, collected one by one, will give you a bundle of product uses you can share with potential customers.

In return for these reviews, you can offer a link back to the customers’ website. What a win-win situation. You have a review and your customer has a link to their site or blog.

You can offer the same for your team members. If they are selling the products, they must have a favorite product. Ask them to offer a product review or testimonial of their favorite product. You can include this on your site with the other reviews. If you offer your downline member a link to their site, you are helping them build up their relevant incoming link count and you’re building your own collection of product uses and tips.

If you find a product you don’t have many reviews on, consider a one month special on that one product only. Offer it at cost for the one month in exchange for the testimonials they’ll provide after thirty or sixty days of product usage.



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