Prom Limos – Make Your Prom Unforgettable With a Limo

 Prom Limos – Make Your Prom Unforgettable With a Limo


For every sixteen-year-old in Britain, their school prom is the biggest social event in life. The prom season normally starts during summer. School proms are a tradition Car Service  passed on from the United States. It is in vogue there since the 1900’s. In Britain, this tradition took off in the last decade or so. “Prom” takes its form from the word “Promenade”, which means group of guests gathered officially at a formal ball. In north-east America, the early proms were meant to introduce to the youngsters the traditions and values of social etiquette.

Proms gathered pace in the 1920’s and 1930’s. By the 1950’s, high school proms in America had become competitive and expensive, boys and girls competing with each other to be and be paired with the best prom date. The teen movies that came about thirty years later made these American proms a cult, the ultimate social event of coming-of-age, as it remains till today.

Around the same time, America started with the stretch limos once they became popular, thanks to the movie industry in the 1930’s. These came to be used a lot by school kids who wanted to go for their proms in ultimate style. Thus, the prom limos became a huge and profitable business in America. The kids in the UK were only happy to embrace this idea of prom limos from their counterparts in the United States. They loved this idea so much that limos were difficult to find around this period. People who could find prom limos at the end of June were indeed lucky.

Due to the high demand for prom limos, they are rarely given on discount. Hence, parents who want to hire them should make sure that they get good value for money. Best solution would be to fill up the limo with as many people as possible and split up the hire in as many ways. Prom limos that are eight seaters normally cost £400 for an evening. So if you can find eight people, the cost would be split to £50 each, which is much better than four people paying £100.



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