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I multitrack record certain gigs and do a basic mix down to get a good live feel. I sometimes do some minor automation and eqing, maybe a little verb here and there, but nothing too advanced. I currently use Reaper with a Mackie onyx and a macbook pro. My question. I have no experience with it, but a good friend who’s opinion I respect gets almost religious talking about Logic.

These threads are funny. You can tell the PC folks from the Mac folks. There’s no comparison. I’ve used Reaper since version 1. I gave up Pro Tools for Reaper. I’ve produced CDs with Reaper. You can tell the PC folks from the Mac folks. There’s no comparison. Logic Pro X is far superior.

Especially if you are a producer or songwriter. It comes with an insane amount of plugins, soft synths, mixing and mastering tools, and the best guitar amp designer on the market, etc. Don’t believe me? Read and then compare with what Reaper offers: Like I said, stacked up against each other it’s pretty obvious there’s no comparison btwn the two. I’ve used Reaper since version 1. I gave up Pro Tools for Reaper.

Find More Posts by farpras. Originally Posted by farpras. I believe it’s on purpose. Ok for the pan knob i refresh it! Really a great job! Are you planning to release it soon? Filled volume sliders. I have a few requests but i’m not suggesting replacing the current skin behavior, rather than I noticed that the latest screenshot no longer has a filled volume slider. Is it possible to keep it for those who like it, and even add a filled one for the mixer, like this?

Not sure how easy it would be to have the slider on top of the meter similar to Logic Pro X but Could you add a horizontal meter above the slider, like this? Unfortunately it’s not possible, the meter renders above all other things. I once tried to make the background of the entire TCP a desaturated meter. New idea. How about having the the meter and the slider centered vertically, like this?

You would have the meter rendered on top of the slider, but Can you still click the slider above and below the VU meter or even over the meter and drag it? Although i’d much rather prefer the slider under the meter Is it possible to have early access to this theme through a donation? Thank you. This Theme will be ready soon in regular screen! Looking very much forward to it. Originally Posted by Blankfiles. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read.

Page 1 of Last ». Thread Tools. Send a private message to Blankfiles. Find More Posts by Blankfiles. Very cool! Logic 3 Hi Blankfiles, your Logic V 2. Send a private message to Robart Find More Posts by Robart Logic V3 Please don’t wait too long for Reaper to go to 6 as it seems they will go from 5. Send a private message to izwun. Find More Posts by izwun.



Reaper Themes Logic Pro X.Macで音楽を作る話。インストーラーのないプラグインをインストールする話。 | エレパ スタッフブログ

Logicなどで使われているAudio Unitsは拡張子が「.component」のものですので、このファイルを「Components」フォルダの中に入れます。場合によっては管理 主な特徴; 死神をダウンロード; REAPERの無料ライセンス が、 「テーマ」 LOGICやIMPERIALなどの他の一般的なツールにより類似するように変更することができます。 CUBASE; REAPER; Ableton Live Lite; ProTools; Logic Pro X; Audio Director 対象はmp3のみですが、音源を劣化させずに加工できるソフトです。


– REAPERの代替プログラムと類似プログラム(Mac用)- Softonic(ソフトニック

Aug 22,  · Reaper Themes Logic Pro X. Do you like Logic pro x and you use the program Cockos Reaper? Or can be both at the same time? There is now a theme for reaper called I Logic 2 This video will help you to see the different method to install the theme and to learn more about its functions. Here is the link to follow me and have this theme. Jun 06,  · Audio Production Without Limits. Download: Purchase: User Guide: Videos: Forum: Stash Resources: Browse: Login: Uploads. Jan 25,  · There you go Totally different than the original. Let’s do the same for the other theme we downloaded, which was from “White Tie”. LOGIC PRO X THEMES. The last thing Logic needs is a dose of amateur Reaper-style skinning with SAW studio ambitions. Jezus fecking christ those skins look awful. Reaper Themes Download Pro Tools Reaper Theme.

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