Spiders, Bots and Joomla for Copywriters  

 Spiders, Bots and Joomla for Copywriters



In modern copywriting today, one of the most important – and some would say the MOST important – job is to optimize our website organically. Now, what do I mean by  FortniteAimbot Pc  “organic optimization”?

This little article aims to give you a brief introduction to organic site optimization using the Joomla Web Publishing platform.

11 Articles in All. 10 Key Techniques for Copywriters. This is the first of the installment of 11 and a gentle introduction for the non-geek.


For those new to Website Construction, Joomla is one of the most popular, stable, open source, successful – and may I add “FREE” – platform for the Independent, Sole Proprietor to the Multi-National Enterprise. You can find out more about the Joomla Content Management System at its website

To put it simply, Joomla is an easy, fuss-free and powerful way that empowers YOU to promote your Copywriting Business and for YOU to help YOUR CLIENTS conduct successful and cost-effective online Marketing. For the Professional Copywriter, Joomla (and a few other similar Content Management Systems) should be your new Best Friend and the ultimate Online Force Multiplier for your Copywriting Career.

Spiders and Bots

No… we are NOT talking about the Creepy Crawlies or the iRobot. We are talking about the automated programs that come indexing your Articles and Content on your website. We are talking about the Google Bot, Yahoo Bot and MSN Live Search Bot; among many others.

Geeks and Web Developers call these little web crawlers “Spiders and Bots” and optimizing your content for these automated programs is one of the most important objectives in Online Copywriting. One has to take care of reasonable optimization of keywords and phrases so as to attract the attention of this little buggies… but ultimately, we are still writing for the HUMAN Readers. So the key to success is to balance between satisfying the human readers (which are definitely more important) and meeting the needs of the spiders and bots.

That about sums up what our objectives are, in terms of Online Copywriting and Online Marketing.



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