The Automotive Industry of Today

 The Automotive Industry of Today


Today’s automobile is very popular. It has grown from a luxury item to necessity! This almost attributes to its fast growth and development. Gone are the days when United Kingdom Businessman List fastnews  only a highly successful businessman only could think of buying a car. At that time again, more than the need, it was a status symbol. Just the possession of a car was enough to mark a person’s economic stability!

Today however, the scenario has changed. There are various genres of cars – from the one’s that are highly stylish and lavish to the one’s that are fairly budgeted to suit the pocket of everyone who is of average income. Day by day, with extensive competition and development in technology, the vehicle models are growing in number per day and also becoming better with each new model. This also gives the consumer the freedom to choose the one that best suits his needs and requirements.

The models being launched now are as per user’s or consumer’s needs and demands. Everyday sees a new idea, launch or development.

With the launch of ‘Nano’, the dream of a car has become achievable even for



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