The Best Chicken Soup in the World

The Best Chicken Soup in the World

This is the best chicken soup there is! I bring the formula that passed from my grandma to my mom in our family and it’s heavenly! I will not lie, it’s not extremely simple to make, however trust me, it merits the difficulty.

I propose you to adhere to the specific directions so you’ll get the best outcome.

Before we start there are a few things to really focus on:

1) The chicken should be new and liberated from any fertile chicken eggs for sale superfluous fat and skin.

2) It’s ideal if you utilize mineral water for the cooking, unadulterated and clean.

3) The cooking is slow.You shouldn’t allow the water to bubble, simply bubble a bit.


• 2 entire chicken weigh around 3 kg (6.5 lbs)

• 0.5 kg (1 lb) chicken wings

• 5 liters of mineral water

• 0.5 kg (1 lb) of perfect and cut carrot

• 2 onions . Slice down the middle each • 4 celery leaves . Slice to quarters

• 10 parsley stems

• 1 clean parsley root

• 1 lettuce . Leaves ought to be absorbed heated water for around 1 min

• 1 leaf of dry cove leaf(or 2 new leaves)

• 1 spoon of dark pepper – grains

• 1 spoon of fit salt

• 1 spoon of dill – diced


1) Put the chickens with the wings in a major pot. Add the dark pepper and the salt. Cover the chickens with the water (you don’t need to utilize all the water, simply male sure the water covers the entire chicken).

2) Put the pot on a medium fire and gradually bring to bubbling.

3) When the water begin to bubble, bring down the fire to a base and eliminate any foam (white froth that floats on the water). Try not to stop until the water is clear once more.

4) Once the water is clear add different fixings aside from the lettuce and the dill. When everything added increment the hotness to medium fire and let it get to bubbling. Indeed, when that occurs, bring down the fire to a base.

5) Let it cook on the low fire, and when it begins bubbling add the lettuce leaves on top of the soup to forestall vanishing and overheating.

6) Cover the pot, however leave a thin opening. Keep cooking for around 4 hours.

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