The Essentials Regarding Electric Superchargers & Turbos

 The Essentials Regarding Electric Superchargers & Turbos


People are often looking for ways to get more power from their car engine, hundreds of modifications are available to do this, and this includes Electric Supercharger uitlaatklep elektrisch s & Turbos. These are readily available and are said to be able to increase the overall horsepower of an engine. With an increase in horsepower comes better acceleration and a higher overall top speed.

An engine works by igniting a mixture of fuel of air inside an enclosed chamber called a combustion chamber. This ignition causes a small explosion which puts presses on a piston head which causes it to move downwards and this in turn turns a drive shaft. A simple way to get more power out of the engine is to increase the amount of air which gets ignited.

The explosion size will increase with the more air that is put into the closed space. The larger this explosion the more horsepower will be available because more energy is available to move the piston. Cooler is better at igniting than hot air, so the temperature is also important to getting more power.

A fan within superchargers and turbos work by using forced induction, they compress air allowing more of it to be forced into the combustion chamber. Air also gets cooler as it is compressed because it does not get heated up by the engine as much as it moves quicker. The fans in the devices are powered by different means, this is what makes them different.

Supercharges are usually powered from belts or chains connected to a gear or wheel connected to the drive shaft. An electric supercharger uses power from the car battery to drive the fan which pressurizes the air. Electric super chargers will only increase horsepower on full throttle because this is when a valve controlling the amount of air to an engine is fully open.

The advantages of an electric supercharger over a traditional one is that they are simple to install and a lot cheaper. They simple attach on to the current air intake system of the engine and a power cable is attached to the engine. Although belt driven chargers provide more power gains an electric charger is still said to give an average 8.5% increase in power.

Turbos work in a similar fashion, with a fan compressing



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