Tools to Create Simple and Effective Visual Content

 Tools to Create Simple and Effective Visual Content


Let’s be honest, how many times had this happen to you. You work really hard to compose an amazing and useful article. But as it happens, you don’t get the kind of respond you were game expecting. Well, I know content is the King and that only matters but it’s equally important to attract attention. For which, you need to have a really nice picture to go along with it. With reduce attention span of audience; it’s become even more important to take care of your visual content.

You may already have your own database images. But they may be full of product photos or photos from marketing campaigns, which may not be always helpful to you. To grab attention, you need to edit images or create one. Now most of you must agree that Photoshop is the answer to visual content, but it isn’t very handy (at least not for me!). So if you think the same, then here are some useful and free tools which will help you to create amazing visual content without Photoshop.

Powerpoint: I am sure you have been using these for ages. You can easily create a reusable PowerPoint template with several simple backgrounds that you can easily layer text on top of, or u can draw interesting and colorful 2D graphs or make simple images using varies shapes available in and then save as a JPEG.

Google+ photo editor: Google+ makes it easy to edit your p



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