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Type this Minecraft 1. Entering this seed puts you in the middle of an Ice Spike biome, letting you go on a wintry adventure full of danger and wonder. This seed will spawn you high in the mountains in a savanna biome. This seed spawns you a few meters away from a really cool-looking rock formation just off the coast. This seed spawns you on the edge of a desert biome, with a desert temple just slightly off to the right. Expect to do some swimming, but pick up some nice early loot in the process.

For those of you after a getaway in a relaxing hills biome full of wintry trees, this seed works for you. And those are our top 15 best Minecraft 1. Connect with us.

Best Minecraft 1. Seed: Coordinates: 98, Mountain Savanna This seed will spawn you high in the mountains in a savanna biome. Seed: Coordinates: , Desert Temple and Savanna Village This seed spawns you on the edge of a desert biome, with a desert temple just slightly off to the right. Seed: dab Coordinates: 51, Taiga Hills For those of you after a getaway in a relaxing hills biome full of wintry trees, this seed works for you.

Seed Coordinates: , And those are our top 15 best Minecraft 1. Roofed Forest Mansion Seed: Throwlow Coodinates: , 96 This seed is perfect for those looking for a nice little getaway. The seed will spawn you just on the outskirts of a roofed forest, looking straight at a massive mansion – with easy access to all the mushrooms you’ll ever need.

These 10 awesome seeds — all completely compatible with the Windows 10 beta edition – will quickly become some of your favorites with their diverse lineup of biomes and inhabitants. Remember, though, these seed names are all case sensitive, so type them exactly as they appear! If a seed isn’t working, check out our guide on seed errors. Haven’t grabbed the new Minecraft beta edition yet? For those on the cutting edge, the Windows 10 version will also soon be adapted so you can experience Minecraft in a whole new way, with Oculus Rift support coming early next year.

Popping you straight in a populated village with plenty of people and animals to interact with, this nifty little seed features two very different types of terrain right next to one another — one with high desert mesas to climb and one with rolling fields and majestic forests.

Get tired of endless desert red? Just jump over to the other side for a field of green. From buildings to rivers to wide open spaces, this one is a ready made fantasy world waiting to be explored. Spawning next to a giant treehouse, this hilariously titled but no-nonsense seed lets you see the world of Minecraft from high in the boughs of a great forest. Not for the villagers, as they are destined to get stormed all the time. Do you wish to enjoy a mess with beautiful scenes?

Then, this is one of the good Minecraft seeds that you can consider. This seed is covered by mushroom islands, and are two villages linked together through the bridge on the ocean. The most interesting and exciting part about this seed is that there is one Zombie village that holds the breath. This zombie village makes every night more thrilling and challenging. Those who are desperate to play the game in hardcore mode must try Survival Island with Three Villages.

This seed allows you to spawn on a single island with 3 different villages managed independently. The player can also combine the multiple scenes together using a shipwreck. In order to connect with the three villages simultaneously, start creating or building in this Minecraft. Enjoy engaging the world in Minecraft using this one of the excellent seeds. Unlike other Minecraft seeds, this seed does not deliver exactly at the spawn. However, once you make your way through the coordinates referenced above, you get the most periodic villages in Minecraft.

In addition to this, there are farms too inside the snow, which makes the village and adventure more vigorous for players. As the name goes, this seed teleports you to a dessert with just an adequate amount of greenery to keep you alive for a couple of nights. The outpost and limited supplies make it challenging and interesting. This seed is quite interesting and special. This odd seed spawns you viewing a pillage outpost and one huge island crowned with a village on top.

The Savana village is a habitat to villages, an iron golem, and a big number of cats. This seed also has chests with open maps in every hoop. If you have not tried this Minecraft seed in Creative mode, then get ready for hours of climbing mountains and play it right now. Next on this list of best seeds for Minecraft, here comes water village. This seed is partially plunged into the water, which spawns you straight to a village. It is the best Minecraft seed for both exploring role-playing and having more fun.

There is also a wide taiga park beside a northern forest filled with trees and wolves. If you are a newbie, then it is a perfect place or seed to spawn in.

Sounds so cool exploring a desert village on a beautiful mushroom island!


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Outpost Ahead. Snowy Village. Spooky Mansion. Stronghold Below. Sunflower Field. Survival Island. Taiga Bay. Taiga Village. Winding River. Cliffside Village. Epic Cliffs. Desert Village.

Forest Glade. Ice Spikes Village. Jungle Temple. Mountain View Village. Savanna Island. Snow Day. Stronghold Village. Survival Islands. Vast Desert Oasis. This section needs expansion. You can help by expanding it. Instructions: Add the specific seed values. Categories Bedrock Edition Add category. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 1 Warden 2 Java Edition 1. Universal Conquest Wiki. Desert , surrounded by savanna , river , warm ocean , forest. Replaced previous Abandoned Village seed in 1. Beach , surrounded by ocean , lukewarm ocean , deep ocean , river , plains , forest.

Two more villages one is abandoned separated north-south by blocks are located blocks WNW from the spawn point. Beach , surrounded by plains and warm ocean , with vast badlands to the west, ice -covered cold ocean to the east. Spawn point is the edge of a beach on a small plains island across a river from the mainland. The badlands include wooded badlands plateau and badlands plateau.

Plains island and beach , surrounded by ocean , warm ocean , deep ocean , with mushroom island to the southwest. Spawn point is on a small island a short swim to a mushroom island with a ruined portal on its shore. There is an abandoned mineshaft deep under the center of the mushroom island, free of hostile mobs.

Good for safe exploration in survival mode. A similar mushroom island generates near the spawn point from seed Replaced seed in 1. The player spawns on a gravel beach with the monument visible underwater a short distance away. Plains , surrounded by beach , cold ocean , snowy tundra. Desert , Plains. Since 1. Replaced Stronghold Village after new world-generation algorithm reduced the chance of spawning strongholds.

There is a second stronghold village at , 70, Taiga , surrounded by extreme hills , sunflower plains , plains. Player spawns on a tree at the border of taiga and extreme hills. The nearest village has a stronghold below, not too deep highest point is at depth Large-ish snowy floating island with cows blocks WNW. Plains , surrounded by beach and warm ocean. The player spawns in an oak tree on a small plain on top of a tall island with steep sand cliffs, populated by sheep and spiders.

There are two small desert islands to the north and two more to the south. The island directly north has buried treasure, turtles, and cows. Plains , River , Mountains. The nearby shipwreck is complete and in shallow water, with the top of a mast above the water surface. The treasure map points to the nearby buried treasure, which is exposed in the wall of a vertical cave.

A swamp village, that was also spawned on the cliffs, along with a swamp hut within a meter range between both the player spawn and the village, which no longer appears since 1. Introduced in 1. Welcome to the former home of the Dalai Lamas and what an impressive build this is. Walking through you can really see the attention to detail. The fortress looks nearly identical to the real life version and even comes complete with a garden up top to walk in quiet reflection.

You don’t actually have to be royalty to live here, but you will certainly feel like it. This build contains nearly 1,, blocks and the level of detail shows. Whether you simply want to explore or play out your fantasy of being royalty, then this palace is an absolute must for you.

There are so many opportunities to choose from in this castle. Make sure you pick the one that’s just right for you. This massive castle has been dubbed the roleplay castle by its creator and you can definitely see the potential for this. When you spawn into the game, you actually spawn aboard a merchant ship visiting the castle. If you are interested in roleplaying, there are numerous roles for you.

Not only is this castle massive and wonderfully created, but it comes with its own video game easter egg hunt. This massive sprawling castle and city contains not only an enormous amount of blocks, but also a great deal of secrets to find while exploring. You’re a wizard random Minecraft player! Live out your dream of walking through the halls of Hogwarts with this castle.

Harry Potter fans will be right at home here with this beautiful recreation of Hogwarts castle. While the build does not feature the Forbidden Forest or the quidditch pitch, it does showcase nearly all the indoor locations, boasting an impressive rooms. Regardless if you have seen the movies or read the novels, it is easy to get lost exploring this incredible castle. This breathtaking castle is simply out of this world. Luckily, its within this Minecraft world so you can explore it.

Oakhold is an absolutely massive build complete with a castle and surrounding city. As you spawn into the world, you have about a quarter mile walk until you eventually come to the castle walls, and something about this walk and the impressive structure looming ahead of you makes the experience all the more breathtaking. This absolutely massive castle and village will have you wondering it for hours.

Fortunately there is a teleportation system in place for easy travel. Falcon Rock is truly a work of art. The sheer scale and level of detail make this castle and city absolutely breathtaking.

You could easily spend several hours just walking around and exploring this sprawling city, but to make it somewhat easier to get around, the creators incorporated a teleportation system to easily get from one end to the other. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 30 Oct pm.

Minecraft is the perfect platform to build the castle of your dreams, or rather, download it instead if you don’t have the time or creativity to build one yourself. BY: Justin Joy. Dragonstone No Targaryen’s here, just a beautifully rendered castle from Game of Thrones. The interior is empty allowing for customization inside. Playing this may allow you to tame End Dragons.

Versions 1. Castle with Arena Fight to the death for the amusement of whichever Minecraft lord makes this castle their own. The interiors are left open for customization. This is a highly colorful build. Castle with Village Live a simply life in this peaceful Minecraft village or rule from the castle above. Perfect for roleplaying medieval life. Has a great view of the village from atop the castle. Potala Palace Live out your life as the famous Dalai Lamas here or simply walk a day in his sandals.

Almost identical to the real Potala Palace. Has aspects of nature to blend with the manmade structure. Blockendom Palace You don’t actually have to be royalty to live here, but you will certainly feel like it.

This massive build has much to explore. Quite colorful compared to some castles that consist of stone. Roleplay Castle There are so many opportunities to choose from in this castle. Sets you in a newcomer mood by spawning you aboard a ship outside. The walk up to the castle allows you to see it in all its glory. Saldur City Not only is this castle massive and wonderfully created, but it comes with its own video game easter egg hunt.

Offers so much to explore and view. Walls are built far out from the castle allowing you to add your own flair. Hogwarts Castle You’re a wizard random Minecraft player! Truly captures the cinematic look of the castle. You can roleplay as Harry Potter and his friends.

Oakhold This breathtaking castle is simply out of this world. Many roles to occupy if you are interested in roleplaying. The walk up makes the castle and city even more impressive. Falcon Rock This absolutely massive castle and village will have you wondering it for hours. Teleportation system makes it easier to get around.

The build offers so much in the form of visuals and roleplaying opportunity. More on this topic: minecraft. Armed with only a pen and controller, Justin has been delving into fantasy worlds since he can remember. Granted, this delving is actually done sitting in a comfortable chair putting down either the p.

Gamer Since: Minecraft Stalls Experience the market in this castle. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Just when you thought Creative Mode couldn’t get any better! What could be better than taking the amazing world of Minecraft and transforming it into a realm of unique landscapes, vast biomes, and creating an extraordinary gaming experience? World seeds are codes that can be input into the Some of them look wacky, others look formal.

And then there are girl skins, which for some reason all have big anime eyes. Minecraft: How to Breed Villagers. How to Download Minecraft for Free. Step One First, find a secure Maybe one of the most iconic Minecraft tools, the pickaxe is the tool that most players will often use the most throughout their adventures.

There are also a plethora of enchantments to makes this tool all the more useful, and this articles will take you through the five best pickaxe enchantments Which are the most beautiful shaders for Minecraft?

Minecraft visuals might seem unrealistic and straightforward, but in a way, that’s part of the beauty of the game. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enhance its beauty up a few notches what better way to do this than by using shaders, which Why fight the monsters when you can become one? Players can become customized versions of their favorite movie icons, creatures, and even mobs from the world of Minecraft itself.

Which are the best enchantments for your pickaxe The pickaxe is one of the most important tools in Minecraft, it is one of the first ones every player crafts and it is the only one that is vital for the game, for that reason we’ve dedicated this top 5, so you can get the best out of your old Have you been farming wrong in Minecraft this whole time? If you have ever played Minecraft in survival mode then you know how annoying it is to be in constant need of food.

You can catch fish, of course, which double as food and as pet bait, but you can In April, Minecraft finally released its latest Java update: 1.

This update brings all sorts of new features to your worlds.


Windows 10 minecraft seeds 1.12 free. 5 best Minecraft seeds to speedrun

This settlement has no blacksmith, but you can dig down at coordinatesand you will end up at the spider dungeon.


Windows 10 minecraft seeds 1.12 free. [Top 10] Minecraft Best Castle Seeds


Well, that can be arranged by making use of the Island seeds on this list. Survival Island seeds bring their version of uniqueness to the game, and players get to finally experience what it feels like to be cast away on a remote island.

I will be showing you a detailed list of the best Island seeds for Minecraft, so just keep reading if you want to know more. If you are looking to experience that Robinson Crusoe feels in Minecraft then you should try a couple of these Island seeds in your next survival mode.

Although some of them work only on the latest version of Minecraft which is 1. So without much delay, here are 25 of the best Island seeds in Minecraft.

This interesting seed spawns you in a jungle surrounded by nothing but clear waters. It is perfect for a vacation site but if you want to explore other biomes, you can travel a few hundred blocks west or east of the jungle. This seed reminds me of those old cartoons where the characters get stuck on a small island with nothing but a coconut tree, classic. The Rock and Water seed spawn you on a Large Island connected to several other islands.

It has very useful content that can last for weeks and it is not that far from the mainland. Interestingly, you can use the high mountains to take awesome screenshots of the environment which includes 2 villages and an ocean monument.

Are you looking for the right seed to have a vacation in? Do you just wanna sit back, relax and have a good time? Well, then the Hawaii seed is the one for you. There is a village near the spawn area, an ocean monument, and some treasures to search for, perfect for new players.

If you wanna experience life on the sea, with part of the island as a beautiful beach and the other being a place to build a home, then give this seed a try. Do you wanna spend more time growing a panda family? Then this seed is perfect for such a fantasy. You spawn into a small Bamboo island, complete with a bunch of Pandas to keep you company.

But the most important aspect of it is that it comes equipped with a completed 12 Eye Portal inside a Stronghold. So if you just wanna hope right into battle with the Enderdragon then give this seed a try. Trees are very rare so make sure you pack enough saplings as you start your adventure. This seed was beautifully designed for survival mode both for new players and veterans who just want a peaceful world.

The Island is well protected with a bunch of hallowed mountains, a lava source, and a Savannah village just at the edge of the island.

This seed is another great addition for new Minecraft players. It has a Large Island and village both filled with valuable items. While others features include, Multiple biomes, a cave, and a small ocean around it. If you need a haven from the dangers of Minecraft, then this seed is perfect for you. Because mobs rarely spawn on Mushroom Islands. Use this seed and you can find out. This seed starts you on a Large starting Island with a lot of possibilities for what you can build, the choice is yours.

For example, you can start a fishing village or a forest, or even a mushroom island, if you can think of it then you can build it. Just gather some wood or crafting material and show everyone just how creative you are.

Who can say no to a lifestyle on a beach house surrounded by the ocean and the green Savanna grasses? This seed gives you everything you need from the ponds, wildlife, and villages, there is enough content to make you wanna stay forever.

Mushroom seeds are great and unique for several reasons which are why they are so rare. This seed is ideal for players who want to start in a peaceful world free of dangerous mobs.

This seed spawns you in the middle of the ocean, which is where mushroom islands are usually found. Thanks to this seed, players get to enjoy the infinite ocean resources, other surrounding biomes like the extreme hills, Mesa, etc. There is also a continent attached to the side of this island just waiting to be used.

Do you love making your world on an Island? Then this map pushes the boundaries of that stereotype by not just giving you a suitable location, but also a challenging experience. It is the perfect definition of a real-life Island survival experience mixed with some adventures in-between. The spawn island has a lot of trees for crafting, and the surrounding waters also have several other Islands waiting to be explored.

This village is, like a previous entry in this list, on the very cusp of a massive ocean. This seed places you in the middle of a desert, right next to a massive hillside village that even has its own desert temple.

If you enter this seed, you might be a little confused as to where the village is. Fear not! This seed is one of the few that actually spawns you inside a village. The village has a blacksmith with a pretty significant surprise — diamonds. There are also four farm fields, letting you prepare lots of food for a journey.

When you do find it, though, prepare for a beautiful sight. This village is at the base of a massive mountain with a flowing lava deposit. You might want to loot fast, because it might all burn away eventually.

At the waterfront is a blacksmith with loads of food and iron gear. Just outside the village is a small desert temple, too, giving you a great start to your desert adventure.

This seed spawns a sizeable village right next to you that contains a blacksmith and a church right on a river. Entering this seed into your Minecraft 1. That does it for the best Minecraft 1. Let us know any we missed down below! Connect with us.

Best Minecraft 1. Seed: Coordinates: 98, Waterlogged Island Village This village is, like a previous entry in this list, on the very cusp of a massive ocean. Seed: Coordinates: , Desert Temple and Village This seed places you in the middle of a desert, right next to a massive hillside village that even has its own desert temple. Seed: Coordinates: 56, Large Blacksmith Village If you enter this seed, you might be a little confused as to where the village is. Seed: Coordinates: , Plains Village Spawn This seed is one of the few that actually spawns you inside a village.

Seed: Coordinates: -5, Riverside Village With Temple This seed spawns a sizeable village right next to you that contains a blacksmith and a church right on a river.

Seed: Coordinates: , That does it for the best Minecraft 1. Hillside Village Seed: vx Coodinates: , Right off the bat is a lucky seed that’ll spawn you next to a sizeable village with a blacksmith in it. The village itself is beautiful, located in a small valley with a river running through it – this place would be great to give you a headstart in your Minecraft 1. This seed and a few others in this list are courtesy of Minecraftseedhq.

Oceanfront Village Seed: twtw Coodinates: 0, This seed brings you to a nice open plain with a blacksmith’s village right on the edge of a vast ocean. It’ll give you a great baseline to continue your game from, being full of villagers and food.

The blacksmith’s chest contains five iron ingots, iron leggings, iron boots, a saddle, and more, so choosing this seed means you’ll be set for a while. Plains Village Seed: Coordinates: 98, This seed spawns you really close to a small village packed with food.

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