Understanding the Three Important CRM Modules

 Understanding the Three Important CRM Modules


Our previous discussions covered a little about CRM Basics & Social CRM. We shall now discuss about the three modules of CRM – the three important anchors of what business process manager jira

I refer to as the CRM triangle. But before we start, here’s a true story!

It was my friend John’s birthday and his younger brother, Peter who stays in the US had couriered him a nice gift via Blue Dart. Now my friend John who’s a workaholic got home late the day the parcel arrived, but he found a note on his door.

“Hi John,

We were here with a parcel for you. Please call us at 1800111345.

Good day!

Christo, Blue Dart”

It was nearing midnight, still John who seldom received parcels decided to call the number and find out the details. After the IVR routine, he was directed to a customer support agent and here goes their conversation:

Agent: Good evening Mr. John. My name is Rita, how may I assist you today?

John: Mmmm… I found a note on my door..

Agent: Thanks for calling us back. You have a parcel from the US. When is the right time we could deliver that to you?

John: Can you send it again by 1:00 pm tomorrow?

Agent: Sure, John. We shall do that.

John: OK.

Agent: Is there anything else I could assist you with right now?

John: Nope… thanks!

Agent: Thank you for calling Blue Dart. Good night!

And the next day, John received the parcel at sharp 1:00 pm, as promised by the Blue Dart support agent and Peter received a ‘Parcel Delivered’ text message on his phone. A happy ending indeed for John, Peter and the Blue Dart folks. Now, let’s try and correlate this with the CRM triangle.

The CRM Triangle



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