Video Transcoding – The MKV Container  

 Video Transcoding – The MKV Container


Among the many video containers at Matroska or MKV extension is one of the best, this new format was launched back in 2002 and currently an open source project which media library  is available to anyone. Compared to other video containers MKV doesn’t actually stand for something, it is often referred to as the Matroska multimedia container.

Matroska is an English word which is derived from the Russian word “matryoshka” which makes reference to an egg shaped doll within a doll, in the case of digital media this would represent media within the form of media which doesn’t necessarily make much sense however, it is used to represent the flexibility and capability of this container.

When it comes to video transcoding the word “container” is best suited to describe what Matroska can do, this open-source project was developed in order to handle multiple video tracks which can have an amazingly high bit rate which can be compared to high-definition video and even Blu-ray quality.

The video extension used for Matroska projects is .MKV and audio projects use the .MKA extension which can handle MP3, OGG and Vorbis streams. The Matroska video streams usually carry the H.264 video compression method, it may also use ACC/AC3/DTS for audio streams.



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